Hocus Pocus

Magicana - Senior Sorcery

Hocus Pocus
A forty-five minute interactive magic show designed specifically to entertain senior citizens in retirement homes or longterm care facilities.

Hocus Pocus is a highly participatory magic show designed for seniors.

The show, in fact, breaks down the traditional “fourth wall” of theatre, so we are able to present magic directly to our audiences. This style of performance injects a different kind of personality and vitality, in contrast to other forms of theatre. The unique interactive nature has strongly resonated with the wide range of centres Magicana has worked with since 2005.

Hocus Pocus is a flexible show. We can present the show in large halls and auditoriums, in multipurpose or media rooms. We arrive self-contained and within 30 minutes of our arrival, we are ready to go.

To make it comfortable for everyone, we strongly recommend setting up “theatre styled” seating, with an aisle down the centre. The aisle is handy as it lets us our magician flow in and around the audience to maximize the interaction, comfort and visibility for the entire audience.

Hocus Pocus also gives seniors and centres the opportunity to invite families together on every level, and a wonderful chance to create a multi-generational gathering – one that creates an environment where each generation can benefit from interacting with the other.



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