Rainy Days? Make it magic.

Magicana Senior Sorcery 13

‘Twas a rainy day in Ballycliffe Lodge but that didn’t stop us from delivering a top-notch magic show!

James Alan presented a back-to-back magic show to the residents of Ballycliffe Lodge’s retirement residence and long-term care wing in Ajax this past September amidst thunder and lightning. Although it was certainly a gloomy day outside, we brought sunshine in through the wonderful art of magic. Staff and family members alike gladly volunteered to become magic assistants throughout the show, making themselves an essential part of the creativity and entertainment.

Now that we have rainy and snowy days coming, why not warm up the mood inside your centre and book a magic show? 45 minutes of pure entertainment and lively interaction will surely make  you forget about gloomy days.

If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com for availability.