Show Your Civic Pride! Celebrate with a Magic Show!

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Got Magic?

This hot, summer weather can be taxing on your seniors. In fact, did you know that this July 4th, some states were not allowed to have fireworks, despite it being culturally significant for their Independence Day, because of the extreme weather?

So keep things on the safe and cool side by having a parlour show of magical feats and a delightful afternoon of mystery and wonder! Your residents can relax and enjoy with a cold, iced tea as they watch our magician do all the work. From a disappearing (and reappearing) egg to a tiny red ball that multiplies before your eyes, your residents are guaranteed to be surprised and entertained, enough that they will surely be talking about the show for days to come.

Also, since it’s the long weekend, why not make it a Family Fun Event? Let your residents invite their family members so that they too, can enjoy a magical outing that’s fun for the whole family!

We have dates open for the Civic Holiday as well as throughout the summer. Call (416) 913-9034 and ask for Ellise Ramos. Or you can email her at