Strolling Sorcery

Magicana Senior Sorcery


Senior Sorcery
Intimate, interactive, close-up magic that happens right in the hands of your audience.

In contrast to our other show, Hocus Pocus Strolling Sorcery is an intimate magic performance also known as close-up magic. For this show, a professional magician literally strolls through your group, providing several personalized “mini shows” to smaller groups, one after the other.

This is an ideal type of show for large gatherings when several events are planned, like a bar-b-que picnic or open-house format. The magician roams through the event, moving from group to group (or table to table) trailing behind a wave of laughter and fun! The participatory energy is provides a refreshing change of pace and  creates conversations for guests, residents and staff. Over the years, we have had produced Strolling Sorcery for garden parties, open houses, picnics and bar-b-ques and holiday-themed special events.

This show is completely self-sufficient and does not require any special set up. Our magician arrives and within a few short minutes, magic is ready to roll out and sparkle throughout the event.

Magic performed this close is extremely engaging and provides a truly memorable experience. Like Hocus Pocus, it also provides an excellent vehicle for an intergenerational exchange, either with families or even neighbouring schools.

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