National Seniors Day

Magicana Senior Sorcery 9

“The crowd loved her!!”

– Janet Keenan, Team Leader

To celebrate National Seniors Day on October 1st, Julie Eng visited St. Aidan’s Anglican Church where Neighbourhood Link held their annual event for senior citizens in Toronto.

With over 100 people in attendance, the day was comprised of a free lunch and amazing entertainment that included musical performances by The Orvilles and the Chinese Seniors Choir, and of course, live magical theatre by yours truly, Seniors Sorcery! There were also tons of activities, games and draws for prizes.

Neighbourhood Link Support Services is a community outreach program that aims to identify needs in the community and provide services, such as workshops and recreational events, to enable people to live with dignity and independence.  They also have a great support system for  seniors in Toronto – an Adult Day Program that provides care and support through recreational activities to frail seniors and those with cognitive impairments to minimize their isolation and promote their physical and emotional health in a safe and friendly environment.

And thank you for allowing us to share mystery and magic on National Seniors Day!

To book Julie Eng for your retirement residence, please contact Ellise Ramos at (416) 913-9034 or email her at



Weathering the storm through Magic!


“We invited seniors from around the neighbourhood and everyone had a fantastic time! I was really impressed by [your magician’s] rapport with the audience.”

–  Susan Dowling, Program Coordinator

‘Twas a dark and stormy night in Toronto last week, but that was not enough to deter Julie Eng, our feature magicienne, from performing for the community at the Neighbourhood Link Support Services Adult Day Program. She displayed classical magic feats for seniors who gather for dinner once a week to enjoy each other’s company and watch performers. Through our Senior Sorcery program, we subsidized the cost so that we can deliver a night of magic, and create a wonderful event that everyone can enjoy and talk about for days to come.

The Neighbourhood Link Support Services is essential in helping communities in East Toronto live, work and play through innovative programs, employment opportunities and tailored housing solutions. Their Adult Day Program promotes physical and emotional health for seniors through various events such as group dinners, recreational activities outside the home, and in-home assistance.

We are so pleased to have helped Neighbourhood Link achieve their goals. Programs like these are essential in keeping the interconnectivity and relationships fostered from loving our community, because it is only through this benevolence can we build a stronger and more meaningful home for ourselves and for others.

To book magic for your retirement residence, please contact Ellise Ramos at (416) 913-9034 or email her at We are accepting bookings for the rest of the year and will be more than glad to perform for your upcoming Mother’s Day event, Labour Day and/or Halloween.