Happy Halloween!

For the first month of Fall,  Magicana continues to bring our community together through performing live theatre for senior citizens across the GTA. On September 20, Julie Eng performed a 45-minute live and interactive magic show to 30 seniors at the WoodGreen Community Centre.

WoodGreen Community Services is one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto. WoodGreen helps seniors live independently and provide social programs for seniors so that they can be active engaged in their community. WoodGreen also helps  internationally-trained professionals enter the job market, parents access childcare, children and youth access after-school programs, newcomers settle in to Canadian life, homeless and marginalized people get off the streets and youth find meaningful employment and training.

Senior Sorcery, a community outreach program designed by Magicana in 2006 was established with isolated seniors in remote residences and/or community centres in mind. The program was always meant to engage seniors by breaking the “fourth wall” of theatre and empower their through interaction and participation in the creation of magic. The program also creates an intimate atmosphere by giving seniors the chance to invite their family and friends to a special event.

Thanks to Julie, the seniors and staff of WoodGreen Community Centre enjoyed an afternoon of mirth, magic and mystery–a special moment that they all shared and participated in, and will surely remember.


Weathering the storm through Magic!


“We invited seniors from around the neighbourhood and everyone had a fantastic time! I was really impressed by [your magician’s] rapport with the audience.”

–  Susan Dowling, Program Coordinator

‘Twas a dark and stormy night in Toronto last week, but that was not enough to deter Julie Eng, our feature magicienne, from performing for the community at the Neighbourhood Link Support Services Adult Day Program. She displayed classical magic feats for seniors who gather for dinner once a week to enjoy each other’s company and watch performers. Through our Senior Sorcery program, we subsidized the cost so that we can deliver a night of magic, and create a wonderful event that everyone can enjoy and talk about for days to come.

The Neighbourhood Link Support Services is essential in helping communities in East Toronto live, work and play through innovative programs, employment opportunities and tailored housing solutions. Their Adult Day Program promotes physical and emotional health for seniors through various events such as group dinners, recreational activities outside the home, and in-home assistance.

We are so pleased to have helped Neighbourhood Link achieve their goals. Programs like these are essential in keeping the interconnectivity and relationships fostered from loving our community, because it is only through this benevolence can we build a stronger and more meaningful home for ourselves and for others.

To book magic for your retirement residence, please contact Ellise Ramos at (416) 913-9034 or email her at ellise@magicana.com. We are accepting bookings for the rest of the year and will be more than glad to perform for your upcoming Mother’s Day event, Labour Day and/or Halloween.

Astounding April


Senior Sorcery appearing throughout the GTA.

Our magicians have presented shows all around Toronto:  Greenview Lodge, Craiglee Nursing Home, Kensington Gardens and Meighen Health Centre. Here is Julie Eng at the Meighen Health Services Centre.

Our famed magicienne, Julie Eng, has been quite busy the past month! She recently performed an April Fool’s Day show for Greenview Lodge, and then went all over Toronto to visit Craiglee Nursing Home, Kensington Gardens and Meighen Health Centre! For all three performances we received positive feedback and so we are excited to continue booking Julie across the GTA to reach out to seniors and grant them a magical day!

Julie performs a 45 minute magic show for senior centres across Toronto to brighten up their day and interact with them through a variety of classical magic tricks. From making a coin disappear to restoring chopped up ropes and linking rings, Julie is guaranteed to liven up your home and create an unforgettable afternoon.

To book Julie Eng for your retirement residence, please contact Ellise Ramos at (416) 913-9034 or email her at ellise@magicana.com. We are accepting bookings for the rest of the year and will be more than glad to perform for your upcoming Mother’s Day event, Labour Day and/or Halloween.



Sprinkle a Little Magic on Your Valentine’s Day

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Tailored Magic

Our senior shows are fully customizable, so whether it’s April Fools or Family Day, we can taylor our shows to fit each of your holiday needs.

One of the bigger holidays, especially important for couples is Valentine’s Day.

Although this holiday is more conventionally associated with romantic love, there are other types of love that we feel should be celebrated on this day as well, such as familial love. Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us soon, so let’s make sure to spend this day of hearts with the people we love unconditionally — our friends and families.

So sprinkle your 14th of February with love and confectionery, and add a little bit of magic to make this day even more memorable.

If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com for availability.



Happy New Year!

Family Day Fun

And before you know it, Family Day will be upon us.

How will you spend it? Add some magic and bring Senior Sorcery to your centre!

Let’s welcome the brand new year, 2013 with wonder and magic!

As the holidays come to an end, we hope that you took the time to spend it with your family. There are many benefits to spending time with your family, such as reducing stress levels and increasing general happiness–so why not do it? Why not solidify “spending time with your family” as the top priority in your New Year’s Resolutions?

Click here to find 8 reasons why spending time with your family is beneficial to your health, courtesy of The Huffington Post.

It’s never too late to start planning ahead for your retirement residence! February 18, the official date for Family Day this year, is coming up fast! Create an afternoon of magic and delight with other members of your residents’ families by booking a professional magician!

If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com for  our availability.



Happy Holidays

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The Gift of Giving

Magicana subsidizes these  shows for centres under budgetary constraints to ensure that magic can be shared throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

This year, we a hit a record of 52 Senior Sorcery shows for senior centres and residences — that’s approximately one show every week!

Our performers went to St. Catherines, Barrie and even in the beautiful banks of Big Rideau Lake to perform. We hope we created a memorable feats of magic and excitement for seniors and residents and look forward to bringing magic to new centres in the new year.

We are now booking for 2013. We encourage you to consider our magic for your entertainment programming. If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com  for  our availability.



Theatre Therapy

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Art is beneficial in a lot of ways– it stimulates the mind and keeps us active and creative.

This article, from MedicineNet.com, talks about the health benefits of live theatre in the case of Nona Bingham from Portland, Oregon. Nona, 85 years old, actively participates in a senior theatre group and regularly tap dances and performs comedy.

The Magic of Theatre

Additionally, the article purports that senior theatre can “lead to intergenereational understanding and friendship” because the older actors say it “invigorates” them to work with younger people.

This kind of invigoration is exactly what we see when we invite nearby daycares and schools to watch our show as part of our Senior Sorcery programming. The best example of this intergenerational opportunity is when we brought students from The York School to The Briton House as part of the York School Challenge Week.

For a week these young magicians trained under our lead instructors, Julie Eng and James Alan, all in preparation for their live show at a long-time retirement residence partner, The Briton House. It was quite rewarding to see the residents personally thanking the kids for visiting and performing for them. One resident said gratefully, “It’s always so nice to see young people around.”

Want to give your residents a chance to participate in an intergenerational magic show? Contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com or call (416) 913-9034 to book a show now.

The Necessity of Socialization: How Social Events Affect Your Happiness

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Magic + Family = Happy

One of the main foundations of Senior Sorcery is to reach out to isolated seniors in the Greater Toronto Area. This article from LiveScience explores a concept most of us already know: how socialization directly affects happiness. According to Stephanie Pappas, it takes only three hours of talking to family and friends for a 20% boost of happiness in seniors. Additionally, research tells us that social life can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the elderly.

As such, Pappas’s article strengthens the resolve of our senior programming. Senior Sorcery not only interacts with seniors through performing arts, but it also allows them to invite their family and friends to see a magic show in their homes. We often encourage Recreation Therapists to advertise a show in advance so that their residents can invite their grandchildren or other family members to their homes. Thus, we create exciting events to enrich and stimulate their lives, and most importantly, to have a fond memory we can all reminisce and talk about later.

To book a show, please contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com or call at (416) 913-9034.