Special Guest from Germany

With Senior Sorcery being one of our longest-running programs (next to our children’s community outreach program, My Magic Hands) we are in the fortunate position, after so many years, of returning to the same centres over and over again, some upwards of a dozen times. So we are always pleased when we are able to offer a special magical treat. Last week, residents at Providence Healthcare in Toronto received a special performance from visiting magician, Jörg Alexander.

Jörg was visiting Toronto all the way from Munich, Germany as the last top on a twelve-city tour of North America. He was here in the city to give a special seminar for magicians, but made a detour along the way to help us to share wonder for a marvellous group of seniors. We would like to thank him for being so generous with his time and his magic.

Special Guest Performance

An audience at the Houses of Providence in Toronto (who certainly know a thing or two about magic) were treated to a special guest performance. Magician Chris Pilsworth was visiting from Ottawa and was gracious enough to offer us a special performance as part of our Senior Sorcery program.

Chris was visiting Toronto in order to give a special lecture for the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club, a seventy-five-year-old organization that gathers to gether magic enthusiasts of all kinds to teach and share magic. The organization’s namesake, Sid Lorraine, was a central figure in magic in Canada for decades. His memoirs are featured as part of our online exhibition, Sid Lorraine The Magical ChatterBox.

Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to share wonder.

Happy Holidays

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The Gift of Giving

Magicana subsidizes these  shows for centres under budgetary constraints to ensure that magic can be shared throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

This year, we a hit a record of 52 Senior Sorcery shows for senior centres and residences — that’s approximately one show every week!

Our performers went to St. Catherines, Barrie and even in the beautiful banks of Big Rideau Lake to perform. We hope we created a memorable feats of magic and excitement for seniors and residents and look forward to bringing magic to new centres in the new year.

We are now booking for 2013. We encourage you to consider our magic for your entertainment programming. If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com  for  our availability.



Magic to talk about, Magic to share around

Julie Eng at Kensington Gardens

One of the wonderful effects of magic is its resonance.

When executed properly, the emotions it evokes are that of mirth, mystery and wonder — a feeling that you can talk about and share for days.

The most common response we get from satisfied clients is the intensity and effectiveness our magic shows provoke, so much so that residents and staff members still talk about the show after. Sheila McConnell, Program Manager of Leisureworld at Barrie, said:

“This was the first time I have had a magician visit the home in 7 years. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the show. [Your magician[ was outstanding. He involved the residents, staff and family members. The folks are still talking about it.”

This kind of feedback is what keeps us motivated to deliver the best we can at any time! We believe that our shows don’t just last for 45 minutes. For in that span of time, we do not just provide entertainment, we also create memories and a sense of togetherness.

We are now booking for 2013. We encourage you to consider our magic for your entertainment programming–happiness guaranteed.

If you’d like to book a magician for your residence, contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com for availability.

Theatre Therapy

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Art is beneficial in a lot of ways– it stimulates the mind and keeps us active and creative.

This article, from MedicineNet.com, talks about the health benefits of live theatre in the case of Nona Bingham from Portland, Oregon. Nona, 85 years old, actively participates in a senior theatre group and regularly tap dances and performs comedy.

The Magic of Theatre

Additionally, the article purports that senior theatre can “lead to intergenereational understanding and friendship” because the older actors say it “invigorates” them to work with younger people.

This kind of invigoration is exactly what we see when we invite nearby daycares and schools to watch our show as part of our Senior Sorcery programming. The best example of this intergenerational opportunity is when we brought students from The York School to The Briton House as part of the York School Challenge Week.

For a week these young magicians trained under our lead instructors, Julie Eng and James Alan, all in preparation for their live show at a long-time retirement residence partner, The Briton House. It was quite rewarding to see the residents personally thanking the kids for visiting and performing for them. One resident said gratefully, “It’s always so nice to see young people around.”

Want to give your residents a chance to participate in an intergenerational magic show? Contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com or call (416) 913-9034 to book a show now.

The Necessity of Socialization: How Social Events Affect Your Happiness

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Magic + Family = Happy

One of the main foundations of Senior Sorcery is to reach out to isolated seniors in the Greater Toronto Area. This article from LiveScience explores a concept most of us already know: how socialization directly affects happiness. According to Stephanie Pappas, it takes only three hours of talking to family and friends for a 20% boost of happiness in seniors. Additionally, research tells us that social life can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the elderly.

As such, Pappas’s article strengthens the resolve of our senior programming. Senior Sorcery not only interacts with seniors through performing arts, but it also allows them to invite their family and friends to see a magic show in their homes. We often encourage Recreation Therapists to advertise a show in advance so that their residents can invite their grandchildren or other family members to their homes. Thus, we create exciting events to enrich and stimulate their lives, and most importantly, to have a fond memory we can all reminisce and talk about later.

To book a show, please contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at ellise@magicana.com or call at (416) 913-9034.


Show Your Civic Pride! Celebrate with a Magic Show!

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Got Magic?

This hot, summer weather can be taxing on your seniors. In fact, did you know that this July 4th, some states were not allowed to have fireworks, despite it being culturally significant for their Independence Day, because of the extreme weather?

So keep things on the safe and cool side by having a parlour show of magical feats and a delightful afternoon of mystery and wonder! Your residents can relax and enjoy with a cold, iced tea as they watch our magician do all the work. From a disappearing (and reappearing) egg to a tiny red ball that multiplies before your eyes, your residents are guaranteed to be surprised and entertained, enough that they will surely be talking about the show for days to come.

Also, since it’s the long weekend, why not make it a Family Fun Event? Let your residents invite their family members so that they too, can enjoy a magical outing that’s fun for the whole family!

We have dates open for the Civic Holiday as well as throughout the summer. Call (416) 913-9034 and ask for Ellise Ramos. Or you can email her at ellise@magicana.com.