The Necessity of Socialization: How Social Events Affect Your Happiness

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Magic + Family = Happy

One of the main foundations of Senior Sorcery is to reach out to isolated seniors in the Greater Toronto Area. This article from LiveScience explores a concept most of us already know: how socialization directly affects happiness. According to Stephanie Pappas, it takes only three hours of talking to family and friends for a 20% boost of happiness in seniors. Additionally, research tells us that social life can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the elderly.

As such, Pappas’s article strengthens the resolve of our senior programming. Senior Sorcery not only interacts with seniors through performing arts, but it also allows them to invite their family and friends to see a magic show in their homes. We often encourage Recreation Therapists to advertise a show in advance so that their residents can invite their grandchildren or other family members to their homes. Thus, we create exciting events to enrich and stimulate their lives, and most importantly, to have a fond memory we can all reminisce and talk about later.

To book a show, please contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at or call at (416) 913-9034.