Theatre Therapy

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Art is beneficial in a lot of ways– it stimulates the mind and keeps us active and creative.

This article, from, talks about the health benefits of live theatre in the case of Nona Bingham from Portland, Oregon. Nona, 85 years old, actively participates in a senior theatre group and regularly tap dances and performs comedy.

The Magic of Theatre

Additionally, the article purports that senior theatre can “lead to intergenereational understanding and friendship” because the older actors say it “invigorates” them to work with younger people.

This kind of invigoration is exactly what we see when we invite nearby daycares and schools to watch our show as part of our Senior Sorcery programming. The best example of this intergenerational opportunity is when we brought students from The York School to The Briton House as part of the York School Challenge Week.

For a week these young magicians trained under our lead instructors, Julie Eng and James Alan, all in preparation for their live show at a long-time retirement residence partner, The Briton House. It was quite rewarding to see the residents personally thanking the kids for visiting and performing for them. One resident said gratefully, “It’s always so nice to see young people around.”

Want to give your residents a chance to participate in an intergenerational magic show? Contact our program coordinator, Ellise Ramos at or call (416) 913-9034 to book a show now.